Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own bedding/pillows?

No, bedding is provided for all beds in our properties, including clean sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows. Exception: If you plan on using the Pack-and-Play crib supplied at Buckroe Palace only, you will want to bring bedding suitable for your baby's age and size.

What cooking/eating utensils will I need?
Our properties are equipped with all ordinary cooking equipment, including pans, cutlery, dishware, and grilling tools. Unless you have a specific and unusual requirement, you should not need to bring anything to cook with.
Do you provide gas for the grill?

If the property you have booked is equipped with a gas grill, it is either piped to a fixed tank, or propane canisters and spares are provided. In the unlikely event you should need a third canister, you can contact myself or the property manager assigned and one will be brought out for you. There is no additional charge for this amenity.

Will there be internet available?

There is high-speed internet in every property available for your use. The login information is provided to you after you book via email and can also be found within the property itself via the router or the welcome letter.

Do I have to clean up after myself?

Prior to your departure, you are expected to clean all dirty dishes (leaving them in the dishwasher and starting a wash is okay as well), take all the trash to the exterior trash can/chute, leave bed linens one the bed (housekeeping will take care of them so no need to wash), and lock the doors and windows prior to leaving. Other than that, no excessive cleaning is necessary.

Will I be hit with charges for consumables or minor damages?

We expect a certain amount of wear and tear, as well as consumption of products. We expect you to use the toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, etc., and there'll be no charge. We also understand that light bulbs blow, plates break, and there may be the occasional scratch on the wall. We charge only for unreasonable damage or missing items that can't be considered normal usage – lost towels, torn sheets, mud-ruined comforters, a hole bashed in the wall, a whole case of paper towels vanished, that sort of significant and unusual thing.

Can I hold my wedding/family reunion/big party at one of your properties?

No, events are not permitted at any of the properties unless agreed upon with a representative prior to booking.

What do I do for food?

You will need to provide your own food if you want to cook, or contact myself or the assigned property manager for chef services. Information on area restaurants and supermarkets can be found via Google or in the local community. If unsure, feel free to ask.

Can I check in early/check out later?
Possibly, depending on when the next guest will be arriving, but you need to specifically ask and receive an answer beforehand. You must ask within 1 week of your arrival, and at least 24 hours ahead of the extra time you want.

If there is a guest arriving/departing on the same day, no early/late check is possible.

If there is no other arrival or departure, we usually permit up to 2 extra hours. Beyond that requires payment of an additional fee. Taking early/late checkout without arranging it with us beforehand and obtaining written permission, will incur a sizable additional fee.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, you may bring your pet to all of our properties. There is an additional cost per pet that you see under the Rates section of each property's main page. 
I want to have family over for dinner, do I have to pay extra?
The extra-guest charges are for guests staying overnight. You do not have to pay to have people visit for the day as long as they do not stay the night.
Is there an extra charge to use the pool?
No, the pool and all other amenities are included at no additional charge.
Do your properties allow smoking?
Smoking and vaping is strictly forbidden inside all of our properties. However, you are perfectly free to smoke in the beautiful great outdoors surrounding each property. Please use good sense and courtesy regarding your ashes, butts, or other potentially hazardous materials. 
What is your cancellation policy?

As of right now, no refunds are given due to cancelation. Please be sure of your booking before you book.

How do I get into the property I rented?
The day prior to your scheduled arrival, we send you an email with directions on how to use the digital smart lock to access your rental. This way, you can arrive however late suits your schedule and you don't have to worry about meeting anyone in person. If you have multiple cars coming, you can give everybody the code, and whoever gets there first can unlock the door and get in. 

If for some reason you don't receive this email, check your SPAM folder or write us to have it re-sent to you.

Are your properties handicapped accessible?

Most of our properties are handicap accessible by use of an elevator, or no stair to access the downstairs of the home. However, we do have properties where guest must go up a small amount of stairs to enter the home, like Buckroe Palace. Be sure to reference the photographs and descriptions of the listings in which they indicate if they are handicapped accessible. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me.

What if my guest numbers change after I make a booking?

No problem! You can simply change your guest numbers up or down by letting us know. As long as the amount of extra guest does not surpass the maximum guest allowed at the property, there will be no additional fees.

Who counts as children?

When counting guests at our properties, children are defined as anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday. This includes infants but does not include those yet unborn.

Can I park my bus/RV at the properties?

You are welcome to park any vehicle that you can make fit. However, our properties are designed as private residences and not as commercial parking lots. You will generally have a very difficult if not impossible time squeezing very large vehicles into the driveways, and of course you would be liable to any damages to the property or grounds.

Basically, if it's larger than a 15-passenger van - don't count on it.